BioScreen Testing Services has developed an Internet reporting system called BioSecure®. This unique program is designed to make accessing reports easy, quick and convenient. Access to this program is provided free of cost simply by being a customer of BioScreen.



The Biosecure® Data Retrieval System is designed to improve the client's ability to monitor samples information and obtain an electronic copy of reports within 1-2 hours of report approval by using Internet Explorer.

The system provides e-mail notices to the client-selected personnel when new samples are received and new reports are posted. The client controls which personnel within your company have access to this information and may provide links to specific reports to anyone, regardless of company affiliation.



BioSecure® has an easy to use interface with directed menus to view results. An authorized representative is provided an account name and password and subsequent user names and passwords can be created based on the needs of the client. The menu displays ‘Recent Projects’, ‘Samples’, ‘Tests’, and ‘Reports’.





Reports are available for access online within 1 hour of the finished report, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Clients will receive an email with a link to open the report directly.

Use the drop down menu to search by sample description, date received, sample status, lot #, batch # and project # and accession #.








Under the “Project Summary“ Tab, it indicates the BioScreen project #, the client name, status of project, testing department at BioScreen, BioScreen lab location and the lab contact.

Under the "Project Information" tab, it lists the PO number, date sample received, turn around time for the test and estimated completion date.

Under the "Other" tab, it indicates the last time this field was updated and the last person to do it.

Additional project information about a project is located in tabs at the bottom of the screen.








By clicking the “users” and “addresses” buttons, the client administrator is able to see which users are entered in the system, add new users and change address information.












Reports are generated in .pdf format using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Ensure that your computer has the latest version installed for optimal viewing. 








BioSecure® is a registered trademark of BioScreen Testing Services