• Human Repeat Insult Patch Test
    • HRIPT determines if a product may be sensitizing or irritating to the skin of the user
    • **Testing Available in Latin America**
    • Methods :
      • Draize Method
      • Shelanski Method
      • Marzulli and Maibach Method
  • Primary Irritation Test
    • Products are applied·occlusively for a single 48-hour period
  • Cumulative Irritation Test 
    • Products are applied occlusively for a period of 14 or 21 days to determine its irritancy potential
  • Acnegenicity
  • Comedogenicity
    • Method
      • Follicular Biopsy Method
      • Lesion Counting Method
  • Acne Treatment
  • Facial Stinging ("Safe for Sensitive Skin")

Ocular and Periocular Studies

Many of the industry's most innovative and sophisticated test methodologies are conducted in BioScreen's Ophthalmology department. Clinical studies for safety and efficacy are conducted on a diverse array of cosmetics, OTC, and pharmaceutical products. BioScreen specializes in industry standard tests for Ophthalmologic safety, or Ophthalmologist tested claims. Safety claim parameters may include, sensitive skin subjects and/or those that wear contact lenses. Common claims include ‘no-tears' or ‘does not sting eyes' for mild surfactant based products.

Types of Clinical Tests Performed

  • Human Ocular Instillation
  • No Sting/Non-Irritating Claims
  • In-use Ophthalmic Safety Evaluations
  • Ophthalmologist Tested