BioScreen Clinical Services offers a wide variety of dermatological testing for pre-market evaluation of various consumer products, cosmetics, OTC drugs and devices.

BioScreen maintains a large diverse database of study subjects. BioScreen routinely conducts studies for anti-aging claims, OTC drug efficacy, acne treatment and a variety of product categories including laser devices for skin treatment. BioScreen is the industry leader in Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing (HRIPT). BioScreen conducts a wide range of skin safety protocols including but not limited to Primary Irritation, Cumulative Irritation, Draize and Human Maximization.

BioScreen works with board certified Dermatologists and Ophthalmologists in the oversight of routine protocols as well as in development of new, novel and innovative studies. Protocols can be customized to meet client's needs.

BioScreen Clinical Services is FDA registered and all studies are performed under GCP procedures. Institutional Review Board (IRB) submissions are available when required, using our internal IRB or independent IRBs.

Professional high-definition medical digital photography is available on site. BioScreen uses state of the art Canfield VISIA CR and Nikon photographic systems.

For HRIPT or related tests, BioScreen offers diversified subject races and skin types. Panels may be run exclusively on Asian subjects in our Los Angeles based facility. Additionally, BioScreen offers panels for the Latin American market. Please inquire if subject panels are needed for this market exclusively.

BioScreen offers safety and claim substantiation testing.

Types of Products tested:

  • Cosmetics
  • OTC Drugs
  • Pesonal Care Products

Please note: All Ophthalmologists are all board certified and licensed to practice medicine in the state where the study is conducted.


BioScreen brings together an expert group of physicians and scientists to offer a wide range of clinical testing. We can measure several parameters of skin function and appearance utilizing State-of-the-Art equipment and Methods. Custom protocols can be designed to meet the client's specifications to provide critical supporting data to meet the needs of regulatory bodies and your marketing/advertising departments.


* Panel dates are subject to change. Panels may be added at anytime, contact Client Services for additional panel dates klonopin .