BioScreen invites contract research in both chemistry and microbiology testing fields. The company is experienced with both long term and short term R&D projects which involve GMP or GLP testing.

Our clients range from large pharmaceutical to small biotech and medical device companies. Within the last decade, companies have become increasingly reliant on outsourcing for thier research and development projects to laboratories such as BioScreen. BioScreen offers the advantage of not only being involved in the research phase of a number of biotech projects, but also with the analytical needs on a turn key basis for new drugs, IND and ANDA projects. Our laboratories have the capability to provide fast and cost effective analytical methods development and validation.

Many biotech and pharmaceutical companies have found that it is expensive and time consuming to increase staff and to add additional analytical capabilities. It is beneficial for companies to contract BioScreen and allow us to bear the expense in any adverse circumstances that the drug does not meet clinical trial expectations. BioScreen contract research allows clients put their investment capital into more advantageous areas.

Contact us for more information on how we can provide the talent and technical expertise necessary for your project.